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Here you get updates and current versions of my software. Most of my software is self-explaining, but in German language. Dutch version of AstroWin

All of these programs are self-made, so there might be errors and bugs in it. They are programmed with Delphi 32 bit, running on actual Windows machines.

You find my Software for Pocket-PCs on my  eclipse page for the Pocket-PC (in english). Ther is also a simple timer software for PCs and  Pocket PCs.
For Android apps visit my Android page!

AstroWin,  (German language only)

Astrowin ScreenshotAstrowin32 calculates ephemerides, moon phases and eclipses. It is working together with my Sarosportrait (540 kB) for displaying saros series of solar eclipses, if they share the same directory.
Thanks to Franz Bachler (author of the calendar- and ephemeris software AstroFritz) for his VSOP-dll!
My old 16-Bit-Version: AstroWin16, requires geo.zip, coastline database for graphic putput for solar eclipses.

Dutch version of AstroWin
AstroWin in Dutch is available (16 Bit version), containing a Dutch Helpfile. Please extract the locality database (Orte.Dat) from my German version. For drawing eclipse maps download geo.zip, 88 k.  Please send questions or comments concering the Dutch version in English or German language, as i cannot speak Dutch.
Thanks to Peter Nash for translating the sourcecodes!

SarosportraitSarosportrait 540 kB, displays saros series of solar eclipses. German language. Thanks to Franz Bachler (author of the calendar- and ephemeris software AstroFritz) for his VSOP-dll!

GrazeOverlayer, 310k, Tool for making overlays for the TOP 50 topgraphic maps of Germany or for waypoint-routes for the GPS-Software G7ToWin from Occult. For Occultation observers.

SkyCom32, for communication, data upload and download for the SkyCommander.

Deepsky 32, This program extracts data from deep sky databases and generates observation lists.

Vintage 16 bit software, running on Windows 3 up to Windowx XP

For newer Systems use the 32 bit versions or run it in a virtual XP-machine.
These 16 bit versions were developed with Turbo Pascal for Windows, which was for Windows 3.X. They are running without problems under Windows 3.X and ME, most programs run also under XP,. If problems, try to place the programs in folders with short file names (8.3 file convention).

The software package for engaged solar observers:
It is good for administration of your solar observations and postion measurements.
Basic package with german helpfile, containing SUN.EXE, SUNGEN.EXE, requiring BWCC.DLL!
SUNNETZ, module for printing and data exchange via eMail with the German observer network 'SONNE'.
SUNSTAT, Statistics module
Example files,  for testing.
Webpage with a German introduction to the package.

GeoKoord, Utiliy for conversion of   Gauß-Krüger-coordinate or rectangular GPS-coordinate into geographic latitude and longitude.

Deepsky, This program extracts data from deep sky databases and generates observation lists. Requires the file NGC2000.DAT from the 32 bit version and  BWCC.DLL!

Okularprojection, requiring BWCC.DLL!
Calculates equivalent focal length for photography or visual observation using ocular projection.

SKYCOMM, requiring BWCC.DLL!
User of the  SkyCommanders with serial cable can read and write the current coordinates and the favorites list from the Sky commander. Calulates exact lunar and solar positions for daylight observations.

RUEKL, a small utility for then Rükl-Atlas of the moon, calcualtin moon ephemerides, postition of the lunar terminator and the number of maps at the terminator. Impartant: inatall Programm in directories with short file and directory names! (DOS 8.3 format)

GEOSAT, scmall Utility for searching geostationary satellites. Shows also current RA and DE of satellites for telescopic observations.

WEBSITES, generates an html file of whole directories, containing links to html files, text files and graphic files.

Digioszi,  requiring BWCC.DLL!
uses the parallel printer pot for recording digital signals and generates oscillographs.

For my  hardware extension of the Psion-Organiser and my solar eclipse project click to my special webpages!

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Dieser Text auf Deutsch / This text in German

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